Comic Con 2015: Details on next seasons of Agents of SHIELD and Agent Carter

Fans of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Agent Carter packed Ballroom 20 at Comic Con this year to hear more about what’s in store for both shows as they head into Season 3 and Season 2, respectively. President of Marvel TV, Jeph Loeb, took the stage, as usual, wearing a red Agent Carter hat, which was promptly taken back by Hayley Atwell who snuck in and grabbed it, much to the audience’s pleasure. *Next Season news is highlighted in BOLD.


  • Loeb first showed off a sizzle reel recap of Agent Carter and announced that the much-requested soundtrack for the show (and season 2 of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D), will be available this fall.
  • Showrunners/writers Tara Butters, Chris Dingess, Michele Fazekas were in attendance, saying that the show is “…the best job we ever had.”
  • James D’Arcy, who plays Edwin Jarvis, said that he was apprehensive about doing comedy as it wasn’t something he was used to.
  • Hayley Atwell said that she jumped at the chance to play Peggy Carter again and that the character has now taken over her life.
  • Hayley’s signature line “I know my value” from season 1 has become a mantra for fans of the show and seemingly inspired a lot of them to bring it up at conventions. Atwell said that the premise of the line was “something that she[Carter] discovers over time, because she doesn’t need praise from anyone.”
  • Season 2 will take place in Hollywood 1947 and will be 6 months after season 1.
  • Peggy will be called to L.A. to investigate a murder.
  • The glamour of old Hollywood coupled with film noir/grit is the inspiration for season 2.
  • Season 2 will introduce Jarvis' wife.
  • Jarvis will be there helping Howard Stark set up his estate.  Stark will have a movie studio…as a hobby.
  • Peggy has put Steve’s memory to rest and has a couple of new opportunities in terms of a love interest for Season 2.


  • Jeph Loeb brought out the primary recurring cast of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. to the panel, including Luke Mitchell (Lincoln), Henry Simmons (Mac), Nick Blood (Lance), Adrianne Palicki (Mockingbird), Iain de Caestecker (Fitz), Elizabeth Henstridge (Simmons),
  • Brett Dalton (Ward), Ming Na Wen (May),  Chloe Bennett (Daisy/Quake), Clark Gregg (Agent Coulson), who had some good banter throughout, while discussing the sophomore season.
  • After showing a blooper reel from Season 2, the cast joked around a bit, with Ming-na commenting on the sexual relationship her character shared with Ward “It was out of necessity, really. I mean, he was there.”
  • Someone yelled Hail Hydra and Clark Gregg stood up ready to fight at the panel
  • A fun running joke was that “Chloe is crazy” amongst the cast.  
  • Clark Gregg was asked what his favorite Marvel character is, to which he replied “Danny Rand, Iron Fist!”
  • Everyone is constantly reminded that Skye is no longer Skye, so each time she was referenced as that it was corrected that she is now Daisy Johnson.
  • Teases for Season 3 were mostly already known, including that Coulson and Daisy will put together a team called the Secret Warriors and her codename of Quake was referenced (as it is in the comics).
  • The Inhumans are referenced numerous times and it was announced that Lash will be making his debut on the show for Season 3.
  • They will have a new plane called Zephyr 1
  • A funny writer's room video that showed what they were cooking up for season 3 had Anthony Mackie aka The Falcon pop in, insinuating that he may make a guest appearance.

Since neither show has started filming yet there was no footage shown, teaser or otherwise, but now we have some general ideas and new info as to what each respective season will have. Having gotten weary of both shows throughout their last seasons it does sound like they’re headed in some bigger, bolder directions, especially Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., which is becoming more of a superhero show, which is something they said they were avoiding when pimping the first season two years ago. It was inevitable, really. I think the only people that didn’t know it at the time was the showrunners.

Agent Carter Season 2 and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 3 will return in 2016.

Source: JoBlo.com



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