Common sense prevails as NBC passes on Wonder Woman series

David E. Kelley's planned "Wonder Woman" TV series never got off on the right foot. Every other network other than NBC passed on the series. A leaked script was widely maligned. And photos of star Adrianne Palicki in her costume (right) brought up comparisons to a cheap Halloween costume or a porn parody. Despite attempts to retool the series while filming the pilot, NBC agreed with fans and critics and gave the series the boot from its fall schedule.

NBC isn't giving an official reason for why they declined to pick up "Wonder Woman" for a series order but it doesn't take much to read between the lines. The series would've been expensive and NBC recently cancelled two superhero-themed shows ("Heroes" and "The Cape").

Warner Bros., who produced the show, could theoretically shop the show to other networks but considering all the other networks passed on the show in the first place, that seems unlikely.

The bigger question, at least for us here, is what does this mean for a WONDER WOMAN movie? A movie has been in the works for years but never able to get off the ground. WB opted to try a TV series again and with that failing, could they return to try and get their "Justice League" heroes into films and push Wonder Woman to the front of the line? Or will this experience leave a bad taste in their mouth? What do you think they should do?

Source: Deadline



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