Concept art shows Toy Story 3 was almost a very different movie

TOY STORY 3 reigns as one of the most perfect sequels ever made. People tend to discredit animated films as not being equal to live action, but Pixar has perfected a way of making movies that rivals almost anything else out there. Most of their sequels have not lived up to the originals, but the TOY STORY films are one of the best trilogies out there.

With a fourth film announced, TOY STORY fans are wondering why John Lassetter would want to mess with such a great series ending as we had with TOY STORY 3. Except, before the Michael Arndt version of the movie, TOY STORY 3 almost wasn't the movie we ended up getting.

A large amount of concept art for the original version of TOY STORY 3 have appeared on Imgur. These were for the draft penned by Bob Hilgenberg and Rob Muir that followed Buzz Lightyear being recalled to Taiwan, forcing Woody and the rest of Andy's toys to try and rescue him. The art includes some scenes that eventually made their way into the final TOY STORY 3, but here we see several recalled toys and an early version of a bear that may have become Lotso. Both Hilgenberg and Muir have said the Arndt version of the film is superior to what they came up with, but this makes me wonder if TOY STORY 4 will venture in this direction.

Check out some of the art below and more over at Imgur.

Source: Imgur



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