Cool Pics From Around the Web: Tobe Hooper, Justice League, Glover's Lando

We live in an age of sharing, where every moment is captured and sent into the world for liking, commenting, judging and making us feel like we have more friends than we do. As a result, the world seems so much smaller than it is, and one revolution to come out of the social media age is that we can connect with some of our icons and heroes with the click of a button, getting a glimpse into the elusive world of the show business. Here with the feature Cool Pics From Around the Web we will assemble some of the coolest, funniest, and possibly revealing photographs of the week from some of the world’s biggest stars. Don’t worry, no food pics in sight...unless someone made a dope cake in the shape of R2-D2.

This week's recap of cool pics features yet another bevy of memorials to a lost icon: Tobe Hooper. The director of TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE passed last Saturday, and plenty of horror filmmakers and fans like Eli Roth, Scott Derrickson and Edgar Wright paid their respects. In other pics, Ron Howard a pic of him and Donald Glover on the HAN SOLO set, giving us the best glimpse yet at his Lando look, while the JUSTICE LEAGUE Instagram account has been posting plenty of fan art for those submitting original works for their contest. Then, of course, Ryan Reynolds is back at it, this time posting a pic wishing his wife Blake Lively a happy birthday. The pic is seemingly random, but the caption makes it perfect. There's also some old IRON MAN artwork from Ryan Meinerding, who shared his first concept for the MARK I suit (some details of which were kept for the final design) Then there are a couple Throwback Thursdays, including one that reminds you that after all these years Seth Rogen is still embracing his younger self.

Fantastic fan art by @sar.cas.ticgeek using #JLFanArtContest. Submit your amazing work today.

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Thank you @daruredono for your epic take on the #JusticeLeague. Fans - submit yours using #JLFanArtContest.

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Happy Birthday to my amazing wife.

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Tobe hooper has left the building. Thank you for the thrills ! #tobehooper

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Goodbye Tobe Hooper, the king of transgressive horror.

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RIP Toby Hooper #tobehooper #salemslot #horrormovies #rip

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In keeping with my Mark I/Kirby post here is the back view of my Mark I design. It's fun trying to figure out how things could work and looking for and finding inspiration in a variety of places. I actually studied Industrial Design at Notre Dame before heading west to California for art school so I'm sure my days there came in handy for these early MCU designs. And of course I also had awesome guidance in the form of @adigranov who already had history with the character and @philjdsaunders who came from a car design background. I was in very good company. Those early days working for @jonfavreau on Iron Man are still some of my fondest memories. #dreamteam #ironman #conceptart #adigranov #philsaunders #markI #marvel #marvelstudios #conceptart #conceptdesign #jackkirby100 #jackkirby #marvelcinematicuniverse

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A little #tbt to the making of #sunny #fxx

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TBT to 2001 when I found a very inexpensive hookup in LA.

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