Cool Videos: It's just a cat! Supercut of screeching film and television felines

Ah yes, the "it's just a cat" cliché. The overused scare tactic has been a staple for horror movies, television series and action films for years, and there are countless examples of felines jumping out from behind something and scaring the shit out of characters. Slacktory has created this splendid supercut just in time for Halloween of some famous "it's just a cat" moments from film and television, including scenes from HALLOWEEN, FRIDAY THE 13TH and even a parody of the cliché that was featured on Community. It's not just horror movies that use it though, and I think some of you will be surprised how many times it has only been just a cat.

"What is up with that cat?!"

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Extra Tidbit: I had an "it's just a cat" moment once as a kid, but with a cow. No, it did not jump out from behind something but it was unexpected and I may have peed a little. Just one of the risks that come with living in Maine.
Source: Youtube



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