Cool Videos: John Wick parody, Dog Wick, is everything in the world

JOHN WICK is quickly making its way up the ladder as one of the greatest action franchises ever, and a big reason for that is the character itself. Not only is Wick (Keanu Reeves) a total badass of the highest order we can bestow, but he earned unlimited sympathy points after some Russian thugs killed his puppy. This set of a chain of headshots in the first film, and even though he got a new dog in the end the pain off seeing the first one die will never go away – for us at least. But what if it was the other way around and Wick was killed and his puppy had to avenge him? The answer is THE GREATEST MOVIE EVER IN THE HISTORY OF MAN. The folks at RocketJump made the parody and it even includes the dog delivering headshots on par with Wick himself. Sorry I have to stop writing so all of my attention can be on this video.

Source: RocketJump



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