Cool Videos: Kill Bill's many homages revealed

It's no secret that Quentin Tarantino likes to homage like no other, and many of you filmophiles probably recognized a few of his references in his KILL BILL two-parter. From samurai films to spaghetti westerns, he drew on many, many sources for the films, but you might not realize just how many.

This video goes through and finds every scene that is believed to be inspired by one from an earlier film. It's called Everything is a Remix, and that couldn't be truer of this film, which draws on much more than you ever thought.

Which of these do you think are just coincidence? Some like the GAME OF DEATH tribute are clear cut, but is a girl writhing around in pain really meant to pay tribute to a scene in BLADE RUNNER? Which other ones do you think might just be chance?

Watch the video for yourself below:

Extra Tidbit: If he did plan ALL of these? Wow, just wow.
Source: Oconowoc



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