Cool Videos: Left 4 Dead- The Movie


A "Left 4 Dead" fan film has been tearing up the internet today. This film was commissioned by Airsoft GI (yes, of the guns) who got Northern Five Entertainment to shoot the film over a single weekend in November. Pretty impressive for what they got, actually- this does look incredibly professional. Of course, the big question is whether the world actually needed a "Left 4 Dead" fan film at all.

Here is where I'd lament the lack of originality and the sudden proliferation of fan films- there's nothing here that's more than "OH WOW I KNOW THAT CHARACTER!" moments. There's no depth, story, nothing new of any kind, just a few familiar faces to recognize. Just wait till it tips the point into pure silliness, too, with even more cameos. It's fan service for the point of fan service, purely because they know the gaming fanboys will eat it up and give them billions of hits.

But hey, here I am linking the thing on this slow news day. At least it's more polished than the usual videos you see. In all honesty though, I'd kill for Valve to make an actual animated film. Their trailers for both "Left 4 Dead" games, as well as "Portal" and "Team Fortress" have been increasingly amazing, and certainly of comparable quality to many dedicated animation studios.

But anyway, here's the fan take on it. Check it out below and let us know what you think.

Source: Airsoft



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