Cool Videos: R2-D2 is given dialogue, and he's a bit of a sassy pants

When you think of the most famous characters in all of fiction who never mutter a single word, chances are the lovable robot R2-D2 (Kenny Baker) is high on that list. I mean, are there a lot of characters? Even if there is, chances are R2 put all those mute bastards to shame. Though communicating only in beeps and boops, he’s often translated by his life partner C-3PO (Anthony Daniels). We have no clue what said beeps actually mean, but the YouTube channel Auralnauts has filled in those gaps for us, giving the robot some dialogue to fit in with he and C-3PO’s back and forth. Sometimes it’s just basic responses, other times it’s giving his golden bot pal the business. It kind of puts their whole relationship into perspective. Fascinating. Anyway, don’t watch if you find the beeping of R2 more special because they aren’t actual words, but for you STAR WARS nerds who need to know everything about everything in this universe, please proceed.

Source: Auralnauts



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