Cool Videos: Star Wars Uncut features a cheeseburger, chihuahuas, and some paperbags

There's so much crazy shit going on here, I don't even know where to begin.

Vimeo developer Casey Pugh has debuted his sneak peek at STAR WARS UNCUT. Pugh asked STAR WARS fans to submit their own re-enactments of scenes from the film. People then voted for which scenes they liked the best for Pugh to turn around and edited all the favorites together.

Then over the weekend Pugh and his team got an Emmy for it. Under what umbrella does this project fall? The award was for creative achievement in interactive media - fiction. STAR WARS uncut is the first project to win not tied to a television show.

It really is a fun and cool idea. STAR WARS fans have been acting out their favorite scenes for decades now(admit it), and finally someone is giving their moment. Pugh is currently waiting for approval from LucasFilm, “LucasFilm had called me and said, ‘Hey, we love your project. We want to treat you as a fan project’ … Unfortunately to be an actual fan film it still has to go through a legal process. … We’re working with them to get it out there soon.” So here's the unedited version which doesn't include the original soundtrack. Check out "The Escape".

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Star Wars Uncut "The Escape" from Casey Pugh on Vimeo.

Extra Tidbit: JoBlo reader Soundgirl sent me an email yesterday about an awesome new "Sounds of STAR WARS" book. Check it out here. Want.
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