Cool Videos: The Raid director Gareth Evans releases samurai short film

Gareth Evans kicked everyone's collective asses with his direction and fight choreography on both THE RAID and THE RAID 2. Now he's uploaded a short film to YouTube which features a different kind of fight; one without blood. As Evans states in his notes, the following short film is a test action sequence designed by Yayan Ruhian, Cecep Arif Rahman and himself. It was designed in a bid to create choreography that maintains the style and rhythm set out in their prior work while staying within the parameters of a PG-13-friendly flick.

The story follows that of a young warrior who is given the task of delivering a treaty between two rival lords. During her journey through the woods, she finds herself hunted by two assassins intent on intercepting her message. The short must be watched on its native channel (embedding disabled by request) so click on the picture below to check out what Evans and Co. were able to shoot over the span of 3 days!

Would you want Gareth Evans to direct a PG-13 action flick?

Source: YouTube



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