Cool Videos: Watch a rare, hour long PBS documentary on the making of Raiders of the Lost Ark

Behind the scenes features on classic movies are always a treat to see. Sure, movies like STAR WARS and RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK have some archival footage but the Blu-ray releases tend to favor new documentaries and videos using old footage. While these are still treats for any fan, seeing the original behind the scenes as they were originally seen is a great treat too.

Slash Film shared a video found on YouTube of a full one hour behind the scenes special on RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK filmed for PBS back in 1981. The special is a cool watch not just because it gives us a glimpse into Steven Spielberg's method to directing but also because it is treated like a documentary rather than an extra for home video release. Narrated and edited like any other PBS special on historical or scientific matters, this is a really neat look into what the first film featuring Indiana Jones was like during filming.

Spielberg goes into great detail on how he uses storyboards and plotted out some major moments in the movie, including the Well of Souls sequence, all the while wearing a STAR WARS baseball cap. Definitely worth checking out for George Lucas, Steven Spielberg, and Indiana Jones fans alike.

Source: Slash Film



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