Cruise adds Salt

Tom Cruise is currently filming VALKYRIE for Bryan Singer but is busy figuring out what his next project will be. He's currently circling the drama EDWIN A. SALT that Columbia Pictures is developing from a script by Kurt Wimmer (THE THOMAS CROWN AFFAIR). The studio has signed Terry George (HOTEL RWANDA) to direct with the hopes that they can convince Cruise to officially sign on to star. The film would star Cruise as a CIA agent who is mistakenly outed as a Russian spy. He must go on the run, find his family and prove his innocence. Cruise has a number of possibilities for his VALKYRIE follow-up including the Ben Stiller comedy THE HARDY MEN (Cruise already filmed a cameo in Stiller's TROPIC THUNDER). George has the drama RESERVATION ROAD (with Joaquin Phoenix and Jennifer Connelly) due later this year. Cruise can be seen this November in the Robert Redford drama LIONS FOR LAMBS.

Extra Tidbit: Forget about Scientology - Tom Cruise has ties to the Redskins!
Source: Variety



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