Daniel Stern to direct and star in Everything's Peachy romantic comedy

Whether he's breaking into the McCallister's lavish abode in HOME ALONE as the Wet Bandit, Marv Merchants, or unknowingly instructing a group of cub scouts to piss on a crooked FBI agent as Max Grabelski in Greg Beeman's 1995 comedy BUSHWHACKED, I must admit that I have something of a soft spot for CITY SLICKERS actor Daniel Stern. Is it his luxurious mop of curls that casts a spell on my judgement? Or perhaps his iconic narration from when THE WONDER YEARS was an after school event? Honestly, I've no idea, but that doesn't stop me from getting excited when I hear that he's got a new project in the works.

Today, Deadline has exclusively reported that Stern will direct, produce and star in an upcoming romantic comedy titled EVERYTHING'S PEACHY, which Stern also wrote. Based on Stern's off-Broadway play Barbara's Wedding, Deadline reports that the story follows a marriage on the edge of disaster - two people coming to terms with their own failures while also glimpsing into the twisted psyche of an actor who can’t let go of his dream.

Producing the project are Luke Barnett and Vincent Masciale courtesy of their Lone Suspect banner. In the past, Stern, Barnett, and Masciale combined their talents to present the workplace horror-comedy series CAPTAIN KARL'S INSTITUTE FOR THE ABNORMALLY BIZARRE for eOne.

Well, if there's anyone who can put my ass in a seat to watch a romantic comedy, it's Daniel Stern. Here's hoping that the team behind EVERYTHING'S PEACHY can deliver on the premise of love being complicated by a bout on nightmarish introspection and dreams on the brink of collapse.



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