David Fincher exits Sony's Steve Jobs biopic

Maybe we jumped the gun on our excitement over David Fincher directing an Aaron Sorkin script centered on the life and times of Steve Jobs. Then again, we weren’t holding our breath since Fincher was already giving ultimatums before taking on the job. Now it looks like more issues have forced Fincher out of the biopic.

THR is reporting that the director is looking for $10 million in fees to start along with control over all marketing. Get this—a source close to the studio says that renegotiations could happen but asking for that much up front is “ridiculous,” the added this: “You’re not doing Transformers here. You’re not doing Captain America. This is quality — it’s not screaming commerciality. He should be rewarded in success but not up front.”

But if you want quality, then what’s wrong with giving him what he wants? You have the potential for something really great, actually, that you know will be really great but since it’s not a big budget action flick then it doesn’t deserve the same consideration?

Fincher did have a lot of say when it came to the campaigning for GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO. Apparently Fincher came up with the idea to do these metal, razor blade cutouts for the film that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars but could not be used because of theater policies.

Do you think the issue is purely money here, or could it have more to do with control?

Source: THR



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