David Fincher on whether Dragon Tattoo will get Oscar noms: Nope, too much anal rape

Oh, David Fincher. The director of THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO told Entertainment Weekly that while SOCIAL NETWORK was nominated for eight Oscars and BENJAMIN BUTTON was nominated for thirteen, Fincher says don't get your hopes up for his next film. And why is that? "Too much anal rape."


To be fair, anal rape, or at least the abundance of anal rape, might be a bit much for some Academy members, but Jodie Foster won Best Actress in 1988 for THE ACCUSED, which featured a rather brutal rape scene.

Of course this could be Fincher's attempts to stymie his own film's Oscar chances just so he doesn't have to go through the publicity and promotion that goes along with an Oscar-nominated film. Explains Fincher later in the article, "It’s an incredible drain...you have to be on your best behavior. Every little weird facial tic that you may already have is now going to come under weird scrutiny on f—ing YouTube."

No one, to my knowledge, has even seen GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO to know just how Oscar-worthy it would be but early buzz seems to indicate that Rooney Mara is definitely a candidate, anal rape and all.

Source: EW



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