David Yates bringing Doctor Who to the big screen

He's just finished with Harry Potter, and now director David Yates is going to be bringing another classic character to the big screen. Doctor Who has been a staple of British pop culture for eons, and now he's getting the movie treatment at last with a film from Yates.

The series follows the adventures of the Doctor and his companion (generally a pretty young girl) as they travel across the galaxy and through time battling aliens and other such threats. The show is heavy on camp, but has real emotional weight to it at times. I'm watching the second season right now, and I can definitely see it's appeal, though it might appear goofy to some at first glance.

Not much is being revealed about the film yet, other than the studio will take two or three years to get it right, and that it's going to be a complete reboot of the TV show. Recasting the lead won't really be an issue, as there have been eleven doctors so far over the decades, as one of the character's abilities is to change appearance.

This could actually be pretty damn cool if handled right, and I wouldn't be surprised if an entire film franchise follows it. Are fans excited or concerned about this?

Extra Tidbit: The low-budget effects are part of the show's charm. What will it be like when they actually have money?
Source: Variety



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