Depp talks Pirates 4

I got to sit in front of Johnny Depp today. My job does not suck. During the press day for PUBLIC ENEMIES today, Depp talked a little about his upcoming projects. He's definitely up for PIRATES OF THE CARRIBEAN 4, though there isn't a story yet.

He was asked about playing the character for the fourth time and he joked, “Call me a glutton if you want...virtually no cinema is perfect. PIRATES 1 had it's own thing. 2 and 3 I suppose had their own thing. It got a little confusing here and there...I heard that. (laughs) I think, for me, because I love the character so much and I enjoyed playing the character so much, and people seem to like it, so if there's an opportunity to try it again...you know, it's like going up to bat. You want to get back out there and try and try and try and see what you can do. I enjoy playing the character of Jack very much.”

He laughed, “At this point I'm trying to turn it into a Beckett play. It could be anything at this point. Jack could be in some geisha clothing. I don't know. We could explore a lot of possibilities." I know the last one sucked, but it's still Jack Sparrow, he still wears eyeliner and I will still shell out the dough to see him swagger, even if I have no idea what is going on.

Personally, I've been dying to see him as Tonto in the upcoming LONE RANGER remake. Especially after the had him parade on stage at the Disney press day last year as Jack Sparrow to announce his role. He told us, “I think, we're sort of in the beginning stages, so there's all kinds of possibilities, but I feel like I have some good ideas for the character that I don't think have been done all that much before...” Can Tonto be shirtless the entire time? Is that one of the ideas? I'd like to suggest it.

Just saying...

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