Despite a Kubrick film and a TV show, Spartacus getting another movie

I know it's reboot frenzy down in Hollywood right now, but you're starting to veer into dangerous waters. Despite an immortal Stanley Kubrick film, it has been deemed that SPARTACUS should live again with a new adaption from 300 co-writer Michael B Gordon and producer Graham King.

And no, this is not a big screen version of the recently blood and sex soaked TV show on Starz, which is coming back for a new season in a bit. This is entirely its own thing, a new telling of the legendary man who was a slave turned revolutionary who won many a decisive battle against the Roman empire. Sure, he was eventually crushed by Marcus Crassus, but his story is moving enough to inspire apparently multiple films about his exploits today.

This new project is said to stick closer to historical fact, though how close that would be remains to be seen. I would imagine its going to be more of a 300 visual epic than a Kubrick character study, though they could end up surprising us.

Do we need another telling of the tale of Spartacus? Has the reboot train run off the rails with this one?

Extra Tidbit: I freaking love the Starz series. Best season finale of practically any show I've ever seen.
Source: Variety



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