Despite the handicap of being dead, rapper Tupac Shakur unloads his only written screenplay Live 2 Tell

After continuing to sell albums even after his death (a testament to the amount of work the man did in the studio), legendary rapper Tupac Shakur has taken the next logical step: sell a script from beyond the grave!

LIVE 2 TELL, an original screenplay written by the man while serving an 11-month prison sentence for sexual abuse in 1995 (a case that would later be argued to have been completely bogus and even politically motivated), has been picked up by Preston Holmes and Ivan Juzang's NStar Studios.

According to Variety, the script tells the story of "a teenage drug lord and his efforts to leave a life of crime."

The next we'll be hearing of the fierce yet thoughtful artist will be in his very own biopic, TUPAC, to be directed by Antoine Fuqua (TRAINING DAY). That project is expected to begin production in late Spring/early Summer.
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Source: Variety



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