Disney and Pixar release their planned animated outing schedule through 2018

There's a lot of love (and hate) for Disney and Pixar's animated films, and it looks like the studios are filling up their slate for the next five years, laying out the schedule for their planned releases, broken down with each respective studio and the projected release date. We already know what's in store for 2013 - 2015, with MONSTERS UNIVERSITY being the first one out of the gate this month. Next up for Pixar is THE GOOD DINOSAUR on May 30, 2014, Pete Docter's INSIDE OUT for June 19, 2015, followed by FINDING DORY on November 25, 2015. As far as what's in store beyond that, as outlined below, is anyone's guess. TOY STORY 4? The Untitled Dia De Los Muertos project? THE INCREDIBLES 2?

Here's the scheduled slate:

Untitled Pixar Animation - 6/17/16

Untitled Disney Animation - 11/23/16

Untitled Pixar Animation - 6/16/17

Untitled Pixar Animation - 11/22/17

Untitled Disney Animation - 3/9/18

Untitled Pixar Animation - 6/15/18

Untitled Disney Animation - 11/21/18

What projects would you like to see? Sequels? Prequels? Originals? Long-languishing passion projects?

Extra Tidbit: It feels like we're all tapping out feet waiting on The Incredibles 2. Let's get on with it already, Pixar!
Source: Disney



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