Disney is eyeing Chris Pratt to headline the new Indiana Jones film

We have been expecting this news since Disney attained full rights to the Indiana Jones franchise. Despite Harrison Ford's insistence that he wants to portray the character once again, Disney looks to be hedging their bets and going with a younger actor. That actor seems to be Chris Pratt.

Nothing is set in stone, but sources claim that Disney is looking at Chris Pratt as their top choice to take over the fedora and whip. I have to say this sounds like a perfect choice as Pratt played a variation of Indiana Jones/Han Solo in GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY. He even looks the part in the trailer for JURASSIC WORLD. So, why not make it official and just make this happen.

It seems more than likely that the hold-ups that prevented INDIANA JONES AND THE KINGDOM OF THE CRYSTAL SKULL from being made sooner could be avoided now that Disney controls Lucasfilm and George Lucas is on the outside. But, would it still be Indiana Jones without Lucas, Ford, or Steven Spielberg? i would hope that the studio would at least bring the trio in for their blessing but I wouldn't be surprised if this developed a lot like STAR WARS: EPISODE VII did and go it's own direction.

As someone who loves Indiana Jones dearly, I am 100% on board with this. How about you?

Source: Deadline



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