Rumor: Disney might reboot Indiana Jones with new actor as Indy

When Disney acquired the full rights to Indiana Jones last year, many wondered what the studio was going to do with the franchise. Soon after Disney obtained the rights, chairman Alan Horn said it would be at least two to three years before we see a new Indy movie. Harrison Ford has said he'd like to play the character again, but is Disney looking to move forward with a new Indiana Jones flick without Ford?

It looks that way, according to a new report from Latino-Review. Sources have told the site Disney still wants to make INDIANA JONES 5 with Harrison Ford, but if they can't land the actor and begin work on the project by a certain date, they are prepared to recast Indy for a new trilogy.

Disney is apparently eyeing several actors to potentially replace Harrison Ford as Indy, and sources say Bradley Cooper is at the top of the list. Latino-Review's sources also say Frank Darabont may have pitched an idea for the next direction to take with the franchise. It would be kind of funny if Darabont ended up being attached to a new Indiana Jones movie since George Lucas rejected the script he wrote in 2002 for INDIANA JONES AND THE KINGDOM OF THE CRYSTAL SKULL.

I know for some Harrison Ford is Indiana Jones, but the actor isn't as young as he use to be, and maybe it is time for another actor to wear the fedora. This is just a rumor though, and even if it is true right now, Disney's plans could always change. Personally I hope we do get one more movie with Harrison Ford. If Disney wants to reboot the franchise after that, so be it, but I really don't want INDIANA JONES AND THE KINGDOM OF THE CRYSTAL SKULL to be the last Indy adventure starring Harrison Ford.

Extra Tidbit: Which would you rather see: INDIANA JONES 5 with Harrison Ford, or a new trilogy with a different actor as Indy?
Source: Latino-Review



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