Dominic Cooper joins Peter Dinklage in Sacha Gervasi's My Dinner With Herve

There's an interesting biopic-like film in the works called MY DINNER WITH HERVÉ, about journalist and ANVIL! THE STORY OF ANVIL director Sacha Gervasi and his interview with diminutive "Fantasy Island" star Hervé Villechaize just days before the actor committed suicide. Long attached to the title role has been the incredible Peter Dinklage (who absolutely killed in HBO's recently completed first season of "Game of Thrones"), and now The Playlist is reporting that rising star Dominic Cooper (CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE FIRST AVENGER) will be joining him, playing the role of Gervasi. The real-life Gervasi will also be directing, which means that the man will be filming a dramatized version of himself.

Written by and based on his real-life experience, the film follows Gervasi who was the last person ever to interview Villechaize before he committed suicide in 1993. The death came just days after the interview, wherein the despondent actor (Villechaize was suffering from clinical depression at this point) gave Gervasi his entire life story which included difficult details of his painful upbringing.

You can expect to see lots of Cooper in the coming future. Less than two weeks from now, the Brit actor will be pumping Steve Rogers full of super soldier serum in CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE FIRST AVENGER. Then later, he'll be seen opposite Michelle Williams in MY WEEK WITH MARILYN as well as ABRAHAM LINCOLN: VAMPIRE HUNTER with Benjamin Walker.
Extra Tidbit: James McAvoy and Ryan Gosling were both in discussions at one point to play the part of journo Gervasi.
Source: The Playlist



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