Downton Abbey will finally close its doors following its sixth season

Are there any Downton Abbey fans out there? Come on, it’s one of the most watched shows in the world so there’s got to be some of you. TV Line has reported that the show will come to an end at the close of its sixth season. The reasoning behind ending the show is apparently a practical one; the cast’s contracts are up at the end of season six and most of them would like to move on to other projects. After six years of wearing a corset I’d be ready to move on as well. Why would I be wearing a corset you might ask, none of your business!

The sixth season of Downtown Abbey will likely consist of its usual eight episodes plus a Christmas Special and should debut on ITV this September followed by its PBS debut in early 2016.

Setting an end-date for a series is one of the best things a show can do in my opinion. Knowing exactly where you have to go and when you get there is immensely helpful in regards to weeding out filler episodes and making sure all the proper pieces are in place for a (hopefully) grand finale. Not that I’m expecting Downton Abbey to have some huge mind blowing final episode, but I’m sure series creator Julian Fellowes will be pleased to bring the saga of the Crawley family to a close under his own terms.

Following Downton Abbey Julian Fellowes will likely move on to his long-gestating NBC series The Gilded Age, which focuses on wealthy industrialists of 1880’s New York. There was also a Downton Abbey prequel series in the works at some point. He definitely has a type.

Source: TVLine



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