Dwayne Johnson teases some brief Superman/Black Adam civility in new pic

Dwayne Johnson...IS PLAYING BLACK ADAM! I apologize for screaming, but this is a piece of news I feel the world has shockingly forgotten about. With all the news around JUSTICE LEAGUE, WONDER WOMAN, and this year’s BVS and SUICIDE SQUAD it seems people have put other DCEU news on the backburner. Well, here’s a little something to remind you about how much epicness the movie universe still has in store for us.

Thanks yet again to Johnson’s Instagram page, the image shows him and Superman himself, Henry Cavill, having a warm Christmas drink, teasing their inevitable mash-up in a future superhero blockbuster.

I know, it’s not exactly the two of them beating each down while in costume, but it’s still a fun little reminder of what’s to come in the DCEU. Not much has been unveiled about Johnson’s role as Adam, but the actor has gone on to say the character will indeed fight Superman and Batman, so it'll be interesting to see Johnson take on a more villainous kind of role. He spends so much time saving the day that we forget that you shouldn't mess with him when he's angry. Superman and Batman will always come out on top, but after fighting Johnson, don't expect them to still have their pretty boy looks.

Source: Instagram



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