Dwayne Johnson teases start of production on Jumanji 3

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JUMANJI: WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE was always expected to make a little bit of money, but the movie went on to be a monster of a hit making over $400 million domestically and close to $1 billion around the world. Any plans for a sequel were rushed into development and a third JUMANJI movie is fast-approaching with main stars Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart, Jack Black and Karen Gillan returning. Johnson, ever the social media icon, celebrated Valentine’s Day yesterday by announcing the start of production on the movie, referencing a rather unsettling movie line in the process.

JUMANJI 3 was announced not too long after WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE started making buckets of cash in December 2017-January 2018, proving that going up against a STAR WARS movie (THE LAST JEDI) wasn’t necessarily a death sentence. In the months since the main cast was set to return, as well as the cast of young actors who were transported into the game including Alex Wolff, Ser'Darius Blain, Madison Iseman, Morgan Turner. Nick Jonas is also slated to return, with Awkwafina, Danny Glover and Danny DeVito joining as new additions.

The exact plot of the movie has not been officially revealed, by in past interviews director Jake Kasdan said this movie will keep with the continuity set up by the last movie. Along with the returning cast and Kasdan, screenwriters Jeff Pinker and Scott Rosenberg are back to write the script, which may find some folks going back to the jungle or the jungle coming back into the real world. Either way, worlds will collide and adventure will ensue.

While I don’t know how far this premise can be stretched, I did like WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE plenty as a fun ensemble action-comedy, with each of the four main stars working wonders together. Aside from the jungle setting being meshed with the real world like in the first movie, and the avatars (Johnson, Hart, Black, Gillan) coming over with it, I don’t know what path this new movie would go down that didn’t feel like a rehash of the last one.

JUMANJI 3 is slated for December 13 of this year, but let's maybe wait and see on that.

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