Eastbound & Down is on for a fourth season. You're welcome.

When I heard that EASTBOUND & DOWN was ending with the third season I was a little sad. Where would my life be without Kenny Powers?

Ever since the last episode aired on April 15th, we thought that was the end. Well today it has been announced that HBO wants more EASTBOUND & DOWN so they have ordered eight episodes. Earlier this year after the show wrapped in the Spring, Kenny Powers himself, Danny McBride told EW this, "HBO definitely wants us, and [co-creator] Jody Hill and I love writing for the show. But there is other stuff we’d like to do. Both of us are ready to make jokes concerning people who don’t have strange haircuts.” One of the shows producers, Adam McKay confirmed the news on his Facebook page, "Very good news. Just closed the deals for McBride and Hill."

The ending of the third season was pretty big. It was one of those where you yell at the TV saying, "Why are you doing this to me?". I guess we will find out.

Extra Tidbit: Did you guys like the last episode of season three? If they weren't renewing it, was that a good way to end the series?
Source: EW



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