Eclipse goes IMAX

The next installment of the TWILIGHT series might as well be called, 'Taylor Lautner's super abs in IMAX'.

Jumping on the trend bandwagon, ECLIPSE will be the first movie in the series to play in IMAX. When can you see this vampire epic in all it's glory? Just make sure to have your schedule open for June 30th, 2010.

How will the new movie be? Honestly, I'm telling you that ECLIPSE will be the most interesting out of the saga. There's less whining and more Jacob telling Edward to f*ck off. This time Bella has to really choose between the vampire and wolf. For those who have not read the books, but have seen NEW MOON, there's something rather amusing that they seemed to not really touch on: Edward can read all of Jacob's little dirty thoughts. They actually make for some entertaining banter in certain scenes. Bella's also got the minor issue of Victoria coming back for her with a massive vampire clan that include the bloodthirsty newborns (new vampires, not babies).

While I'm sure most of us don't care if we see the film in IMAX, I'm really glad they aren't going 3D. Hopefully what I said doesn't give anyone any ideas either. BREAKING DAWN in 3D would be just awful.

Extra Tidbit: When I saw NEW MOON, one of the girls sitting next to me in the theater said this, 'Why is Jacob wearing a shirt right now?' *headdesk*
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