Edgar Ramirez will play the lead in Richard Kelly's next movie Corpus Christi

Edgar Ramirez in Domino

It has been over a year since we heard a single thing about Richard Kelly's next project, a "contemporary thriller" entitled CORPUS CHRISTI. The last movie we had from Kelly was THE BOX, a soulless and missed opportunity of a movie, meaning that despite whatever love I may have for DONNIE DARKO my faith in Kelly is riding rather low right now.  But that faith has been given a bit of a booster shot with today's news that Edgar Ramirez (CARLOS) has signed on to play "Paciencia De La Rosa, an Iraqi war veteran with severe post-traumatic stress disorder who forges a dangerous alliance with a wealthy industrialist in Texas."

As with his previous three movies, Kelly wrote the script for CORPUS CHRISTI.  Robert Rodriguez and his Quick Draw Productions will back the project, along with some help from Eli Roth.  On an interesting side note, Ramirez' first English language film (DOMINO) was also written by Kelly.  You can see him next as Ares in WRATH OF THE TITANS on March 30th.

Richard Kelly and a camera

Extra Tidbit: I had a dream last night that Eli Roth was chasing me down a country road, trying to beat me to death with a metal pipe.
Source: Variety



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