Edgar Wright has tweeted the first pre-production photo from Ant-Man!

With Marvel being as fan-focused as they are, it is always a great treat every time we get to see something new from any of their upcoming films. One project that we have been anticipating more than most is ANT-MAN. Edgar Wright whetted fans appetites with his Comic Con test footage two years ago and Disney then made the announcement that the movie would be moved up to Summer instead of Winter 2015.

We still have no casting announcements regarding ANT-MAN, but Edgar Wright tweeted the very exciting image below:

So, obviously someone is inside that ANT-MAN suit, but it doesn't necessarily mean it is the actor who will play the role. This could simply be the first stages of special effects testing for the production to see how the suit will perform on the big screen. The test footage already looked phenomenal, but this is surely going to give even that clip a run for it's money.

The time is approaching, people. We are going to find out who ANT-MAN is very soon, I can feel it. Even though this is just blue screen and the back of a suit, the movie is now really happening. I cannot wait for July 31, 2015 to get here.

Check out the image in full size glory below:

Source: Twitter



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