Ethan Hawke approached about reprising his Training Day role for TV series

Trainsforming feature-films into television series seems to be quite the rage nowadays and one of the many upcoming film-to-TV series' in development is a present-day re-imagining of Antoine Fuqua’s TRAINING DAY. The series has found a home at CBS and is being brought back to life by Jerry Bruckheimer and Antoine Fuqua himself, who may direct the pilot episode himself. Training Day will centers on an "idealistic young African-American police officer, Kyle, who is given an assignment by the Deputy Chief to go undercover with an elite squad of the LAPD and take down a morally ambiguous Caucasian detective, gaining the trust of the seasoned cop by becoming his new partner." Even though that sounds like a reboot of the movie, it could actually be a proper sequel as Deadline reports that Ethan Hawke has been approached to reprise his role of Jake Hoyt.

Whether Hawke will agree to be a part of the series is still ongoing but it's said that if he does join the Training Day series, it will be in more of a supporting/recurring role, similar to how Bradley Cooper occasionally pops up in CBS's Limitless. Deadline says that there were two Training Day pilot scripts written initially, one in which the corrupt older detective would be Ethan Hawke as Hoyt and another in which Hoyt would be the Deputy Chief. As Ethan Hawke isn't interested in headlining the new series, it seems like option two is more likely. Antoine Fuqua and Ethan Hawke have worked together several times since TRAINING DAY, including the upcoming remake of THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN, so it's not completely implausible to imagine him showing up to give the new series a boost.

Is Ethan Hawke's potential involvement in the Training Day series enough to pump up your interest?

Source: Deadline



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