Evan Rachel Wood reacts to Westworld Emmy nom, teases Season 2 will be huge!

Most days, my morning routine consists of rolling out of bed, preparing a half cup of coffee, and grabbing a round or two of Blizzard's Heroes of the Storm. After that, I hunker down for a few hours of JoBlo news editing. It's quite the sweet deal, there's no doubt about that. With that being the case for me personally, not everyone's AM routine is the same. In fact, sometimes, those first few moments of the waking world can alter your entire day. Now, this is just a guess, but I think it's safe to assume that WESTWORLD actress Evan Rachel Wood woke up feeling pretty good, this morning. Why? Oh, I don't know, maybe it's because she was still lying in bed when she learned of being nominated for an Emmy on account of her stellar performance as Delores in HBO's sci-fi Western series.

Oh, but you don't have to take my word for it. Here's what Rachel had to tell Entertainment Weekly about the illustrious honor, “What I try to do is forget when they’re gonna be announced so that it’s a nice surprise and so you’re not losing sleep with the anticipation killing you. So I kind of put it out of my mind and saw the phone ringing this morning and thought, ‘Ooookay, I bet I know what this is. “It’s wonderful. I’ve been speaking to my cast-mates all morning and I’m so proud of them and the show, and everyone involved works so hard on it and loves it so much. It’s just a wonderful feeling when it’s a perfect storm like this.”

In regard to what's next for the "perfect storm" that is WESTWORLD, Wood told EW that, “The amazing thing about this show is I don’t think it will ever be the same every season. There’s always something more that we’re learning about the characters and that they’re learning about themselves and becoming more and more awake, at least in Dolores’ case. I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to approach every season the same way… It’s rare to be on something where you get to keep reinventing your character."

Wood then continued, "Thank God we had Lisa Joy and Jonathan [‘Jonah’] Nolan at the helm. I don’t know if I would have really trusted anybody else to give me just as much information as I needed to be informed enough but not all the way. It was the first time where I played a role where I didn’t know my arc, where the character was going to end up… Once I started reading where [Dolores] was going and I started putting things together and learned about the multiple timelines — which I learned about accidentally at the end of episode 3 — that’s when I threw everything out the window and went, ‘I don’t know anything anymore!’ I really just surrendered to the experience after that.”

That's all very fine and dandy, Ms. Wood, and my sincere congratulations to you on behalf of your nomination. Now, is there a chance that you have any information as to the progress of WESTWORLD Season 2? As it would happen, Wood did give EW this tasty tidbit about the show's events to come, “Jonah and Lisa summed it up really well: The first season was defined by control, and the second season will be defined by chaos,” Wood explains. “From the little that I know, they are not kidding. It’s even more ambitious than the first season, so get ready.” 

Before exiting the interview, Wood also spoke about the process of her corset training for the upcoming season by stating, “I hate it, I really do, but I gotta do it,” she says, laughing. “I didn’t do it before season 1 and I regretted it, so I’m just trying to get ready. I’m the jerk that insists on wearing it because it makes me stand differently and I want to carry myself correctly, so even when I’m horseback riding, they’re like, ‘Do you want to take the corset off?’ and I’m like, ‘No!'”

Hmm, I'm sure that Rachel has someone looking out for her best interests while on the set of WESTWORLD, but you've got to be careful about those corsets. I say this because, over time, a corset can start to have a negative effect on your internal organs and bone structure. You see, with prolonged use, a person's ribs can become compressed into an unintended space within the body due to the "strangling" nature of the garment. Granted, it takes a while for something like that to happen, but it's better to be safe than sorry, right?

WESTWORLD will return to HBO in 2018. Meanwhile, the 69th annual Primetime Emmy Awards, hosted by Stephen Colbert, will take place on Sunday, Sept. 17, at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles and will be broadcast live nationwide on CBS. 

Extra Tidbit: Two portraits of Wood, painted by Manson, have been exhibited at the Celebritarian Corporation Gallery of Fine Art.



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