Everyone still sounds hopeful that Pacific Rim 2 is going to happen

Don't go throwing yourself off the ledge just yet over the idea that PACIFIC RIM 2 is dead in the water. It may have looked that way for a short while, but work continues to be done on the sequel that fans would like to see happen, and it's going to be a little bit longer before we get a better sense on if Universal and Legendary are going to give it a green light or pull the plug entirely.

After reports surfaced that production had been halted indefinitely on a film that was barreling ahead with the goal of making its August 2017 release date, Guillermo Del Toro came out to state that wasn't the case. There might have been a bit of a delay in when the follow-up might get made, but they were still proceeding as they had been before, with the idea that things still looked good on their end.

In a new interview to promote his new film CRIMSON PEAK, Del Toro once again talks about where they are in the process, while also elaborating on that picture in-between that he's probably going to make - "a small, independently financed movie that he is keeping under tight wraps."

As far as I’m concerned, it’s not cancelled, just postponed. Right now, we have to put a budget and screenplay together, present it to Universal and Legendary, and they will make a decision.

And it doesn't appear Del Toro is blowing smoke up anyone's ass at the moment, with Jon Jashni, Legendary's president and chief creative officer, saying, "The movie continues to be in development, and we’re still working on it with him.”

Now, to some, that may not sound like much of a vote of confidence and a bit of skirting around the issue for a film that looked certain to be happening not too long ago... But he also didn't say, "We're damn sure not making this movie." So fans might want to look at the silver lining, keep their fingers crossed and hope for the best, because any sign that PACIFIC RIM 2 might still happen is better than any that say otherwise.

Source: Variety



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