Everything you hate on earth collides in The Situation's promo for Justin Bieber's movie

Behold, The Situation's new promo spot for Justin Bieber's NEVER SAY NEVER. Throw some Real Housewives in there, and you've got yourself a stew!

Yes, I am posting this to get a rise out of you, as I know that JoBlo.com is generally not populated with Bieber or Jersey Shore fans as you are all not A) 12 and/or B) idiots. But this video just made me feel really old. Is this what's appealing to the youth market these days? I don't understand the dichotomy.

There's a boy who looks and sings like a girl, and then there's a guy who looks and talks like a walking caricature of what a "man" should be. Hulking and monosyllabic.

So when you complain that the quality of entertainment is going down in our current society, it's not the media's fault, it's ours. We've created these monsters, and now can only kill them by switching our interest elsewhere.

It's probably a tough sell to switch out Bieber for The Beatles on your little cousin's iPod, or swap out Jersey Shore for Arrested Development reruns on your roommates DVR, but we can try, can't we?

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Extra Tidbit: His abs are just weird.
Source: Latino Review



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