Exclusive: We talk Triple Frontier w/ Ben Affleck, Oscar Isaac and more!

Netflix's TRIPLE FRONTIER is something of a cross between a TREASURE OF THE SIERRA MADRE "greed will get you killed" morality tale crossed with a DIRTY DOZEN-style men-on-a-mission action romp. Balancing those genres is tricky business, which is perhaps why the film has been in the works - with several parties coming and going - for almost a decade. Originally conceived by the HURT LOCKER team of director Kathryn Bigelow and screenwriter Mark Boal, the film comes to us from ALL IS LOST helmer J.C. Chandor and features an A-list cast of charismatic fellows playing ex-soldiers who do some very questionable things for money. The film is intense and gripping, helped immeasurably by its talented core of actors, all of whom I was able to speak to at the recent New York press junket.

Of everyone in the cast, Ben Affleck has been attached to TRIPLE FRONTIER the longest; in fact, he dropped out of the project a few years ago, only to reemerge as its leading man. Affleck and Oscar Isaac play the de facto leaders of a five man group who plan to steal millions of dollars from a South American drug lord. (Things don't go as planned!) I asked Affleck what it was about the project that made him stick with it throughout the years, talked with Isaac about the film's place in the pantheon of men-on-a-mission movies, and asked them both who among them would be the best survivalist. (Also chatted about mules for a bit.)

Charlie Hunnam and Garrett Hedlund play brothers in the film, and it evidently wasn't a very big stretch. Unbeknownst to me, the two have known each other for quite a few years, making it easier to play siblings who frequently butt heads. In addition to that, we spoke about the harrowing filming locations they had to traverse, Charlie's familiarity with the jungle, and - again - which of the five actors would be best equipped to make it through these tough locales. (Garrett has no doubt in his mind on that one...)

Finally, we have Pedro Pascal, who plays the group's earnest pilot. Pascal and I spoke about preparing for some of the more challenging aspects of the film and the camaraderie that existed between the actors, as well as a little teeny tiny bit about his next project, the Star Wars series The Mandolorian.

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