Exclusive 1:1 Interview with Man of Steel star Michael Shannon!

Only a few weeks ago I sat down with the great Michael Shannon to talk about the feature film THE ICEMAN. After the interview, I mentioned to him that I was looking forward to talking to him about MAN OF STEEL… happily I was given that opportunity. After having the opportunity to see his work as General Zod, I was more than impressed. He is simply phenomenal in the role. He gives the character an amazing level of depth while still creating a villain that is worthy of a hero like Superman.

When I sat down with Shannon, it was on a soundstage on the WB lot. Yes it was a bit dark, which you may notice, yet it was a really terrific conversation. We spend time talking about the research he went into when he took on the role. We spoke about the nature of the bad guy and most importantly, he jokingly discussed what his Halloween costume might be and the joys of having an action figure made out of your likeness.

For fans of his work we also briefly chatted about his upcoming feature with SHOTGUN STORIES, TAKE SHELTER and MUD filmmaker Jeff Nichols. These two are a match made in cinematic heaven. MAN OF STEEL opens on June 14th at a theatre near you!

Source: JoBlo.com



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