Exclusive: Going movie shopping with director Wes Craven!

Legendary horror director Wes Craven was nice enough to swing by Amoeba Records with us last week to talk about his upcoming film SCREAM 4. And perhaps even cooler, he stuck around to film a little piece for a new segment here at JoBlo.com, Talk 'N Shop.

Craven and our own JimmyO browsed the DVDs and Blu-rays at Amoeba and Mr. Craven shared some stories about films that inspired him, like JAWS, which he calls, "One of the great classic horror movies of all time."

Though he's promoting a horror movie and he's primarily known for his horror films, he revealed to us that he never even saw a horror movie until he was an adult. "Disney movies were the only movies I was allowed to see," he tells us and reveals an easter egg in SCREAM 4 that's a nod to his Disney past.

You'll also get some great scoop on his films including the nervous breakdown on the set of SHOCKER that almost derailed the film and the insanity of shooting THE SERPENT AND THE RAINBOW in Haiti ("I actually stood next to a goat and watched it get grabbed and slaughtered.").

It's a really candid and fascinating interview that you won't get from the usual press junket chat. Check it out below!

Source: JoBlo.com



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