Exclusive: We talk Straight Outta Compton with Ice Cube, DJ Yella and Cast!

As a music fan, it was pretty terrific taking in STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON and revisiting some of the most iconic rap artists of all time. From the first few moments, you can tell that this is an incredible story to tell and they've done it right. Gritty and powerful, the feature follows the legendary rap artists involved with N.W.A. and their rise to fame and all the success and trouble that came with it.

Recently we had the fantastic opportunity to speak to two of the original members of N.W.A. and it was quite a cool experience. Both Ice Cube and DJ Yella talked about watching their history take cinematic form. They also discussed how their apporach to music has changed throughout the years. While I've had the opportunity to chat with Ice Cube before, it was truly exciting to talk about this film in particular.

Next up, we talked to the very talented cast, O'Shea Jackson Jr., Corey Hawkins and Jason Mitchell. The three actors portray Ice Cube (Jackson Jr. is his son and this is his acting debut), Dr. Dre and Easy-E, and they couldn't have done a better job casting. The three talented fellas talked about portraying these iconic figures and bringing to life some truly impressive concert sequences. STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON starts this Friday at a theater near you and it is highly recommended.

Source: JoBlo.com



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