F. Gary Gray falls away from the Captain America 2 director pack

Cap shield in darkness

It was reported recently that the list of contenders to direct CAPTAIN AMERICA 2 had been narrowed down to just three (ish) possibilities, with the names in question being F. Gary Gray (LAW ABIDING CITIZEN), George Nolfi (THE ADJUSTMENT BUREAU), and Joe & Anthony Russo ("Community").  All choices both outside the box and well inside a desirable pay range, it was certainly some interesting news to hear that still didn't actually give much of a hint at all as to the tonal direction Cap's next adventure would take.

Russo bros

And while we still don't really know much anything about the movie (beyond that it's a continuation of Cap's experience in the modern world), we do know that F. Gary Gray has declined the potential invitation to helm the superhero film in favor of heavy negotiations to helm the NWA biopic STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON that John Singleton was last in talks to direct.  Which leaves George Nolfi and Joe & Anthony Russo remaining, a choice I'm actually quite fine with.  I'd love to see Nolfi take a crack at the job, as THE ADJUSTMENT BUREAU was one of my very favorite films of 2011 and I think he showed a talent for implanting real heart amidst some solid action scenes (Nolfi also co-wrote THE BOURNE ULTIMATUM).

So for whom do you vote? Tell us below why you think your pick would do the better job and/or why you think Marvel might have finally messed up.

George Nolfi with Damon and Blunt



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