Fallout: the movie?

Considering how many Game of the Year lists it made, it's surprising there hasn't been more discussion about a movie based on the hit videogame FALLOUT 3.

Developer Bethesda may be giving some thought to the possibility, or at least taking precautionary measures. As Joystiq points out, the company recently filed trademarks for the brand as "motion picture films about a post-nuclear apocalyptic world," as well as "entertainment services in the nature of an on-going television program." Whether any studio or talent is actually involved or interested at this point remains unknown.

While it has a rich world and some groovy 50s retro designs, I'm not sure how well the game might translate to the screen given how much of its unfolding story is conditional on the multitude of individual decisions made by players (and besides, like sex and volleyball, it's more fun to be involved than watch).

But the remarkable expanse of FALLOUT 3 can't be argued -- I got it at Christmas and I'm still wandering the burned-out landscape of future Washington DC and its surrounding mutant-filled environs. And war... war never changes.

Extra Tidbit: Bethesda was responsible for some of the earliest TERMINATOR games, including the acclaimed TERMINATOR: FUTURE SHOCK. Training ground for FALLOUT 3?
Source: Joystiq



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