Fast & Furious 8 could be heading to Cuba

The FAST & FURIOUS franchise has already done its fair share of globe-trotting throughout its various installments, hitting everywhere from Brazil to Japan to Abu Dhabi and Los Angeles. There is one country that has been off-limits to the series thus far for obvious reasons, but that may be about to change.

F. Gary Gray and Universal are following the necessary steps in order to get clearance to shoot parts of FURIOUS 8 (or whatever the hell they wind up calling it) in Cuba. That would make the blockbuster the first major studio production the nation has ever welcomed, a distinction only made possible due to President Obama's lifting of the embargo that has previously been established by the United States against Cuba dating back to the 1960s.

Bob Yari's indie flick PAPA shot in Cuba in 2014, but that simply made it the first Hollywood film, not necessarily a studio picture; hence the new pat on the back.

Gray recented scouted Cuba for the film, and the process of filing the right paperwork to make all this happen is in the works, so it is very possible Cuba may be another feather in the travel cap of the FAST & FURIOUS films if all goes well. How this serves the story or what's going to happen in Cuba in the film is beyond me at this point, but it is at least something fresh for the next film... so how can you really complain about that?



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