Fede Alvarez says Sam Raimi will direct Army of Darkness 2

When Bruce Campbell told fans that he would star in the sequel to ARMY OF DARKNESS, some took it as the typical charm of the B-movie legend and not an actual confirmation. While we have heard that Sam Raimi and his brother were generating ideas for EVIL DEAD 4, it still didn't seem like it was really happening. Even the existence of an IMDb page stating that ARMY OF DARKNESS 2 is coming in 2016 didn't convince anyone. Well, how about this?

Fede Alvarez, the director of the excellent EVIL DEAD remakequel that hit theaters earlier this year, tweeted the following.

Now, Alvarez certainly has a good working relationship with Campbell and Raimi through EVIL DEAD, but could he be this certain that this is moving forward? Would he even share this information so confidently if it wasn't actually happening? Of course he could, this is Hollywood after all. Nothing is certain until the trailer hits so Raimi could drop out at any second and say he is just producing or writing. But, Raimi has also been clear that he wants to make EVIL DEAD 4/ARMY OF DARKNESS 2.

ARMY OF DARKNESS 2 could be coming by 2016, but wait until we actually see a press release before you believe it.

Source: Deadline



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