First Infinity War reactions say it's an emotional, thrilling superhero epic

**Though these reactions have no spoilers, if you want to go into the movie with the clearest possible mind then turn back now**

Well, ladies and gentleman, AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR has screened for audiences, and the first wave of critics and journalists are posting their first reactions. We all knew this movie would have a lot to offer, including a massive cast, spectacular action and heaps of emotion. So far, the consensus is that the movie lives up to all of that, and the Russos have crafted a singular piece of blockbuster filmmaking. Early reactions are praising it as an emotional, thrilling ride that never lets you go, and showcases one of the best villains ever in Josh Brolin’s Thanos.

As expected with a movie of this size there are some who were overwhelmed by it all, saying it can get a bit bogged down in all the epicness, even suffering from a bit of "Part 1 Syndrome" (think DEATHLY HALLOWS PT. 1). From the sounds of it, it will all depend on how the movie grips you.

Take a look below at many of the reactions.

So the majority of the reactions seem over the moon, with even the ones who weren't as in love finding something to admire about it. This is to be expected with a movie of this sheer size, and it seems, overall, it will live up to many Marvel fans' expectations. The review embargo will lift tomorrow around mid-late afternoon, and our own Chris Bumbray will be seeing it tomorrow and will have a review waiting for you! You can see the movie for yourself in a few days with the rest of the world on April 27!

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