First look at Colin Farrell and his comb-over on the set of Horrible Bosses

The upcoming murder comedy, HORRIBLE BOSSES sounds like it might be pretty great.

You've got an interesting mix of individuals in what seems to be a "fairly" original concept. Three friends (Jason Bateman, Charlie Day, & Jason Sudeikis) plot to murder their crappy bosses guided by some terrible advice given from a man who calls himself, C*cksucker Jones (Jamie Foxx). The bosses in question are Jennifer Aniston ("a sexually harassing dentist"), Colin Farrell ("a chemical company heir with a coke problem"), and Kevin Spacey ("the master manipulator"). If Sudeikis' boss is Spacey, then this will give me major SWIMMING WITH SHARKS chills as Sudeikis looks eerily like Frank Whaley.

Today, an image of one of those bosses has showed up online. The coke addict boss, Farrell is debuting his "KINGPIN" comb-over. He also looks like a bit of a conehead. I wonder if he will make any SCARFACE references while snorting drugs...

Extra Tidbit: I'm sort of rooting for Aniston as a villain in this one. If she sucks again, I'm done.
Source: Movieline/Film



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