First look at non-transforming fighting robots in Real Steel trailer

Hugh Jackman training robots to box has always sounded like a rather ridiculous concept, and now that the trailer is finally out, I have to say...

It's a completely ridiculous concept.

Human boxing is illegal, so now robots fight each other. They're usually quite colorful, I think I saw one with a mohawk, and they don't appear to have any weapons of any kind. Rather, they're smaller version of Transformers who don't have missiles and don't transform into Chevy products.

When I heard about REAL STEEL, I thought if they did it like Battlebots (yeah, you watched it) it could be kind of cool, with more technologically advanced versions of those robots, with blades and saws and spikes and stuff.

But two robots just punching each other out? Doesn't seem terribly exciting to me, and for all Hugh Jackman's yelling, he can't convince me otherwise. Check it out for yourself below.

Extra Tidbit: And yes, there is going to be a SEPARATE Rock 'em Sock 'em Robots movie.
Source: JoBlo.com



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