First Look: Robert De Niro, Tommy Lee Jones, and Luc Besson on the set of Malavita

Back in August we heard that Luc Besson would be directing a mafia-crime film titled MALAVITA and now we have our first image from production. The movie stars Robert De Niro and Tommy Lee Jones.

From the press release: Our cast and crew are hard at work in France on the set of *Malavita with Luc Besson directing. Robert De Niro, Michelle Pfeiffer, Tommy Lee Jones, Dianna Agron and John D’Leo head a talented ensemble of actors in this darkly comedic action film. MALAVITA is the story of the Manzonis, a notorious mafia family who gets relocated to Normandy, France under the witness protection program. While they do their best to fit in, old habits die hard and they soon find themselves handling things the “family” way.

De Niro needs a strong new film. He has had a couple of decent parts here and there in the last few years but the vast majority have been garbage. I hope this movie is a return to form for him as he deserves to be remembered for being a quality actor and not the joke he has started to become.

Alongside De Niro and Jones, MALAVITA also features Michelle Pfeiffer, Dianna Agron and John D’Leo. The film has no firm release date but is slated for release in 2013.

Extra Tidbit: I am thinking De Niro needs to be one of our next candidates for Movie Jail



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