Face-Off: Charlize Theron vs. Michelle Pfeiffer

Last weeks Face Off saw The Wrestler score a close victory over The Fighter. Both great films, both would have deserved a win.

Recently I've noticed that Charlize Theron will be dominating the silver screen in the next couple weeks with her roles in Snow White and the Huntsman and Prometheus. Looking back on Theron's impressive career thus far I felt she deserved some attention on this column. But who to throw her in the ring against? How about another beautiful blonde actress with the actual talent to back it up? Michelle Pfeiffer it is. Two generations clash, who will emerge victorious?
Charlize has had no problem in her career letting us admire her beauty, and her grace, and her frame. While some actresses shy away from the sh*t we've seen Theron do on screen, she has no hangups whatsoever in giving us the goods. That said, Charlize has never had to bare all like she tends to do for us to be able to admire the natural beauty she possesses. This column is all about opinions, and my opinion is that our lovely Charlize is one of those beautiful actresses working today.
Pfeiffer's eyes do things to me, they have a way of seducing you and leaving you helpless whenever you catch a glimpse of them...especially when she's in skintight black leather and cracking whips. The woman has always been unbelievably stunning, Anne Hathaway has some big heels to fill. Certain shots in 2007's Stardust show us Pfeiffer has not lost a step in maintaining her hotness. Bottom line, the Charlize Theron of the 80's-90's.
Acting Chops
For all her polarizing beauty. Charlize has never been a slouch in the talent department. With films like Devil's Advocate where she had to slowly lose her mind, to Monster where she was completely transformed and the eye candy factor was nowhere to be found, she stunned us all. I've yet to see her recent effort Young Adult but from what I hear she knocked it out of the park. She has had secondary roles in plenty of other films and has been a scene stealer in several of them. Keep that talent coming Charlize.

NOTE: One of the best female on screen tear-shedders I've ever seen.
My first glimpse of Michelle Pfeiffer was her turn as Catwoman in Batman Returns, hot leather aside, without a talented actress that role could have been a disaster. From there I saw her as a lost coke addict in Scarface, the wounded romantic in Frankie & Johnny, the hard ass teacher in Dangerous Minds, and her heartwarming turn in I Am Sam. Like miss Theron, for years Pfeiffer has been giving us more to pay attention to than her undeniable hot factor. It's been greatly appreciated.
The Devil's Advocate. Mighty Joe Young. Cider House Rules. The Astronaut's Wife. Sweet November. Trapped. Monster. North Country. Aeon Flux. Hancock. Young Adult. Snow White and the Huntsman. Prometheus. The upcoming Mad Max sequel.

Some of these films were better than others, but all were improved by her presence. No denying that. Monster, North Country, and Devil's Advocate are among my favorite films on her resume.
Grease 2. Scarface. Tequila Sunrise. The Witches of Eastwick. Fabulous Baker Boys. Frankie and Johnny. Batman Returns. Dangerous Minds. One Fine Day. What Lies Beneath. I Am Sam. White Oleander. Stardust. Dark Shadows. The upcoming People Like Us.

I am a bigger fan of Pfeiffer's resume because a lot of these films have that 80's-90's charm. I have fond memories of a lot of these, and yes, Pfeiffer was a big factor in a few of those memories. She doesn't have a 'Monster', but plenty of notable notches on her belt indeed.
Nominations: 25

Wins: 17

Half of Theron's wins here are for her role in Monster, but damn if every single one of them wasn't deserved. I am excited to catch Young Adult because the woman seems to be getting a lot of recognition for that role, I only see more awards love for Charlize in the future. The dame's just got it like that.
Nominations: 18

Wins: 14

Pfeiffer received a lot of love for her great performance in Fabulous Baker Boys, in the movies she's been in that have gotten critical acclaim one of the main points of praise has been her performances. This praise has never been a fluke, I'm predicting more of that praise before her time is up if Pfeiffer can find that role that's hard to ignore.
Charlize Theron
I love me some Michelle Pfeiffer, but some of the performances I've seen her throw at us and the promise of more, I definitely think she deserves this win. If anything, Theron has carried on the great tradition Pfeiffer helped carry on of beautiful actresses with the amazing talent to accompany it. But do you agree with the final verdict? Let us know.

If you have an idea that you'd like to see in a future FACE OFF column, feel free to shoot an email to me at [email protected] with your ideas and some ideas for the critique to base your ideas off. Thank you and in the meantime...

Which actress is your favourite?
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