Four grown men stare you down in this new poster for Neighborhood Watch

Neighborhood Watch banner

The first poster to show up for NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH demonstrated how no man in this hood likes extraterrestrials, and now a second has appeared which demonstrates to us that four very serious men + a retro wash = something that is still pretty cool even if there isn't actually a whole lot going on.

Seems like they've settled for trying to sell this movie on the names alone, which is fine and all but unfortunately also a bit expected as marketing is always the trickiest part a high-concept comedy.  Or a high-concept anything really lest in the advertising you spoil the surprise, though admittedly THE CABIN IN THE WOODS took up the challenge well.

It's a tricky line that often strays out of engaging imagery and into a place where the advertising tells you almost nothing except for who is in the movie - think this poster succesfully walks that line?

Neighborhood Watch poster 2

Source: IMP Awards



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