Frank Miller's Sin City to get the TV reboot from Glen Mazzara & Len Wiseman

Sin City TV

Although Robert Rodriguez's SIN CITY: A DAME TO KILL FOR seemingly killed off the franchise several years ago when it was called a major box-office failure, the rumours of the demise of Sin City has been greatly exaggerated. According to Deadline, Frank Miller's series will be resurrected as a TV show from Glen Mazzara (The Walking Dead) and Len Wiseman (LIVE FREE OR DIE HARD).

It's been some time since I last revisited SIN CITY, but I recall enjoying it quite a bit. Its belated sequel however, well, not even Eva Green could save that. Thankfully the intent seems to be to make the TV series a "far departure from the films" as well as introduce "original characters and timelines within the Sin City universe." Glen Mazzara will be penning this fresh take on the franchise with Len Wiseman stepping in to direct. The potential series doesn't have a home just yet, but Deadlne states that several networks have already expressed an interest.

There's certainly plenty of stories in Frank Miller's Sin City universe for a TV show to take advantage of, but at this point I'm more curious about the series' visual tone. Will they attempt to replicate Miller's distinctive B&W style as Robert Rodriguez did, or try something different? It's much too early to guess, but the potential for something bad-ass is definitely there.

What are your hopes and dreams for a Sin City TV series?

Source: Deadline



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